Business Team

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Board of Directors

  • Rosemarie Liscum, President
  • Tarsam Basi, Vice-President
  • Sheena Bellingham, Treasurer
  • April Brown, Director-At-Large

Ex officio:

  • Paul Destrooper, Artistic & Executive Director

Core team:

Artistic/Executive Director:
Paul Destrooper

Program Manager: 
Tom Nienhuis:

Production Manager:


Fanny Zhang:

General finance:

Production finance: Julia Jones-Whitehead,

Special Programs Manager and Volunteer Coordinator:

Jessica Navarro:

Ballet Conservatory 
Andrea Bayne:

Promotions: Amity Skala,

Action Team:

Admin & Legal:
Bob Milne, Bill Murphy-Dyson

Arts Outreach:
Derek Ford, Helen Stewart, Dan Takahashi, Gail Takahashi

Funds & Grants:
Fanny Zhang, Tom Nienhuis

Marie Zirk, Tom Spetter

Isaac Butt, Judy Thompson

Special Events:
Rosemarie Liscum, Sue McCaskill, Jean Howell

Front of House:
Tara Rahemat (volunteer coordinator and team manager)

Tea for Tutu:
Sue McCaskill, Senga Simpson, Sandy and Mike Sharlow

The Importance of Volunteers

Volunteers play a critical role in the development and viability of Ballet Victoria. Volunteers’ dedication to the art of ballet is key to bring the artistic work to the community and keep dancers in touch with their audiences.

Our volunteers contribute in a major way to the success of new programs as they communicate the needs of the community to funding authorities

Volunteers contribute professionally to multiple teams transferring knowledge and skills to future generations ensuring the ongoing support to the art of ballet.


“Money is scarce but rewards are great”

You’ll be:

  • able to attend all Season’s performances;
  • part of the team’s successes in its creative efforts;
  • using leading edge technology and develop your expertise;
  • recognized on Ballet Victoria’s website and in each program;
  • thanked by the dancers for your support throughout the season.
Become a Volunteer