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Sponsoring Ballet Victoria

Support from Sponsors makes it possible for Ballet Victoria to foster the creative spirit within our dancers, choreographers, set designers, and so many others – all united by a desire to celebrate life through dance. 

Sponsorship packages are customized to fit each organization and can include marketing materials based on our artistic photos and designs. At Ballet Victoria, we can cater to specific needs of individual organizations. As we have access to resources such as stunning imagery and predictable audience demographics, sponsoring us can be part of your targeted marketing strategy. 

To get in touch with us and discuss how you can benefit from our brand, contact

Ballet Victoria’s Sponsorship

Ballet Victoria is dedicated to the health and well-being of our community by ensuring that every art project we create fosters inclusivity, accessibility, economic, ecological, and profound artistic value. We believe that we can achieve sustainability as an organization and share the benefits throughout our community. We call this strategy Art Eco, meaning that each of our projects creates opportunities for the ecology of our community; economically by employing artists, ecologically by reducing our carbon footprint and promoting smart technology. By continually reinvesting in our community through our Art Eco philosophy, we help build a stronger local economy, which is key for sustaining a healthy arts and culture environment.

A thriving arts community has many benefits—for citizens and also for those who “come from away” and who will want to return again after a happy and energizing visit to our city and its attractions.

Your active support makes it possible for Ballet Victoria to foster the creative spirit within our dancers, our choreographers, our set designers and so many others—all united by a desire to celebrate life through dance.

There are three levels of support for Ballet Victoria, each of which receives a tax receipt along with other benefits.

Join our Art Eco community and turn each performance into a celebration.

Make the art of ballet meet the art of business by becoming a Sponsor.
Sponsor a dancer ($1,000+)
Sponsor a performance ($2,500+)
Sponsor a production ($5,000+)
Sponsor a season ($10,000+)
Additional Sponsorship

Whatever your level of support for Ballet Victoria, you will always be proud to know that you have made a real difference in the lives of others—and that’s what really counts.