Career Opportunities

Our team members are the heart of Ballet Victoria. We recruit, reward and retain people who help make us participate actively in the community through a dance. Be part of Ballet Victoria.


Ballet Victoria is looking for talented artists with professional experience and training. If you have passion, drive and you are versatile and classically trained we are interested in working with you. We offer four productions each season as well as touring with a 40 week contract with over 30 performances. Ballet Victoria offers a top professional environment and focuses on artistic and technical development of each individual artist.

Auditions are ongoing, please submit your resume and video links directly to us. The artistic Director Paul Destrooper will contact you directly to set up a private audition.  Email:


Title: Project Finance advisor/planner (NOC 1114)

Profile: Financial advisor with experience in company investment financials.

The role of the project finance advisor/planner is to ensure that all projects are adequately funded and maintain sustainable levels of business revenue.

Expertise and skills: Plan and budget, so that all projects are adequately funded and funding resources are built up in line with investments. Experience in company startups and development in fashion or entertainment industry is key.

Motivational factors: Passion for performing. Having lots of common sense, being a natural planner and a disciplined organizer are key.

Relationship management: Ability to bring in the right resources to finance the projects, work to manage project finance against project deadlines, and address and solve financial issues.

Job activities

  • Bi-annual Project planning and budgets
  • Investment planning and ensuring financial resources availability long term, medium term and short term (season projects)
  • Help plan and develop the Foundation funds and the Ballet Victoria legacy endowment fund.
  • Risk management for new productions and company development projects
  • Monitor, advise and support the project leads to meet their financial goals and audience build up.

Contract terms and conditions: 30 hours/ week- starting at $ 22/hour and increasing in line with the funding secured.